Certificate programs

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Available Schedules in Southeast Asia

24 – 26 Jun 2024 (Singapore)

09 – 11 Sep 2024 (Kuala Lumpur)

Training And Facilitation Certificate

This training certificate course covers the entire end-to-end training cycle, including planning and preparing a training event, managing the learning environment and engaging participants in the classroom, and following up post-event to continue to support learning. We’ll cover the science behind learning as well—why and how learner needs and preferences, training techniques, classroom environment, and well-structured materials all affect learning outcomes. At the end of the course, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your techniques in a skills training practice where you will receive feedback and guidance from peers and an ATD expert facilitator.

ATD’s Training Certificate, the best-established train-the-trainer course in the talent development field, is now the Training & Facilitation Certificate. Drawing upon ATD’s extensive research and experience, this program will help you become a learner-centric facilitator who recognizes and can apply all of the skills of an effective trainer.

Available Schedules in Southeast Asia

27 – 28 Jun 2024 (Singapore)

12 – 13 Sep 2024 (Kuala Lumpur)

Human Performance Improvement Certificate

HPI is at the heart of talent development (TD). As a results-based systematic process, HPI is used to identify, analyze, and address performance problems in the workplace and gives the TD professional a proven methodology to tackle performance gaps. This course provides you with an understanding of HPI and the powerful role it plays in the development of our workforces.

With this foundation in HPI, you can begin to take your TD work beyond learning and development projects to operate as a strategic partner with your organization to identify solutions that improve business outcomes (like reducing costs, saving time, and increasing customer satisfaction). Knowledge and skills gaps account for only a small portion of performance-related issues in the workplace. This program will help you identify other potential performance enablers, such as motivation, managerial support, technology, resources, organizational structure, and process. Leaving these factors out of your solutions could mean you are minimizing your potential impact by creating programs that don’t truly address the root of the problem.

Throughout the course, you will use a real case study to apply HPI techniques and receive feedback from your facilitator and peers.

Available Schedules in Southeast Asia

15 – 17 Jul 2024 (Kuala Lumpur)

Evaluating Learning Impact Certificate

Measure the success of any talent development program using a proven evaluation methodology that includes a five-level evaluation framework. This comprehensive and scalable methodology provides a simple, practical process, guiding principles for standardization, and a sustainable implementation strategy.

Learn the basics of evaluation design, including selecting appropriate strategies and measurement tools, collecting and analyzing data to show the value of investments, and establishing and communicating evidence to demonstrate the effectiveness of your learning, development, and human resources initiatives. This evidence may include measures of how participants reacted to, learned from, and applied what they learned and how such evidence impacts targeted organization business goals.

This foundational certificate program—the only program of its kind designed to provide you with a complete understanding of how to measure learning and development programs—offers small group collaboration, application exercises, a running case study, and a toolkit of forms, templates, and other resources for use on the job. As a course participant, you will get two free e-books from ATD: Survey Basics and Real World Training Evaluation.

Available Schedules in Southeast Asia

18 – 19 July 2024 (Kuala Lumpur)

04 – 05 Nov 2024 (Singapore)

Creating Leadership Development Programs Certificate

Design and implement transformational leadership development programs that nurture high performers and prepare them to take on new roles within your organization. Take your leadership initiatives beyond individual training events and build the foundation for a holistic leadership development process that begins by laying the groundwork and partnering with senior executives.

The ATD LEADS model, an exclusive model based on industry-leading research and best practices, serves as the foundation for the course. Using the model as a guide, we will explore all the components necessary to build a successful program, from establishing organizational readiness and analyzing various assessment models to evaluating leadership competencies and behaviors and their relationship to your organization’s workforce needs. Six case studies allow you to learn from other organizations that have implemented leadership development programs. This course addresses identifying candidates and designing developmental opportunities, including creating learning events. You will also learn how to sustain programs by demonstrating their impact on the bottom line.

Available Schedules in Southeast Asia

04 – 05 Nov 2024 (Singapore)

Blended Learning Certificate

Learn to incorporate a mix of delivery methodologies to reach your learners at their moment of need. This blended learning training program models the concepts taught in the workshop. First, you’ll complete a pre-work assignment and then continue working on it throughout the course. Later, you’ll reconvene with your cohort in an online session following the classroom-based workshop. By adapting your own training program to a blended format as the course unfolds, you’ll enhance your ability to apply blended learning models on the job.

Available Schedules in Southeast Asia

08 Nov 2024 (Singapore)

Fundamentals of Instructional Design Certificate

Discover how an instructional design project comes together from start to finish with easy-to-apply, effective models for learning design. Receive a practical overview of the fundamentals of designing workplace learning experiences—conducting needs assessments, writing learning objectives, developing content, and evaluating course activities.

At the end of the program, assess your skills and develop an action plan to continue your development as a designer. Walk away with an array of practical instructional design theories, tools, and plans that you can immediately apply to your own projects.